Strategic Planning


A proven approach to scale up your business.

Scale up your business


Focused Discussion and Focused Decisions Leads to Focused Outcomes

If you have a leadership team, offsite quarterly planning is essential.

In fact, there is nothing more powerful to fuel your organization’s energy, talent, and resources than a well-developed strategic plan.

Coach Diraj is certified in the Scaling Up strategic planning methodology, inspired by Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, and founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

The purpose of 1 and 2-day strategic planning retreats is to first clarify the long-term direction, then plan quarter-by-quarter as a team – and commit to making it a reality.

It provides the leadership team with the valuable “think time”, free of distractions, where you can address the key decisions that all high-growth companies must get right in order to keep scaling up.


Consider the four decisions


People are your most valuable resource.

Decisions around people are the currently the biggest challenge facing high-growth companies. It can either be a source of energy, or an emotional drain. If you don’t get the “people stuff” right, the rest of the strategic plan is irrelevant. On the contrary, a team in full alignment and clarity of purpose cannot be stopped. With a focus on getting the right people to do the right things, with clear accountabilities, we will empower your team to grow faster and stronger.

Does your firm have a simple strategy & is it driving sustainable growth?

A well-crafted strategy produces consistent revenue growth, with profitability above industry averages. Through analysis and tools, we will work together to concisely articulate your company’s strategy. With the team aligned on your brand promise, differentiating factors, and economic drivers, priorities come into focus. A clear strategy harnesses energy and reduces chaos – emphasizing productivity over busyness.

With a culture of accountability, set your plans in motion.

Without a focus on execution the value of the Strategic Plan cannot be realized. It’s often said that more businesses die of indigestion than starvation… Meaning that growth can initiate chaos, of processes aren’t running smoothly. Establishing a communication rhythm throughout the organization is key to keeping on pace. I’ll work with you to break your long-term plans into milestones, with actionable steps and ongoing accountability to see it through.

Learn critical cash flow rules.

Growth sucks cash. This is the first law of entrepreneurial gravity. It’s imperative that high growth organizations understand your Cash Conversion Cycle, and have strategies in place to improve it, in order to continue to fund growth. Working together, we will determine how long it will take to turn your business investments back into profits, so you understand how fast you can afford to grow.

Strategic Planning Success Story

“Every aspect of the business has improved with Karie’s guidance, and now our focus is coaching our management team through strategic planning sessions. This has paid massive dividends as we now have a management team that is involved in helping shape the future of the company on top of managing the day-to-day. The business has turned around (annual revenue has doubled and net profit is above industry average) which means we have happy customers, engaged A-Team employees and capital to grow.”

Is your business healthy enough to scale up?